Home Security Cameras

Get the ultimate protection for your home and family with video surveillance

Providing high-quality, high-definition digital video recorders.

Grainy black and white videos are a thing of the past. Watchdog Alarms’ home security cameras have high-definition full-colour camera feeds tucked into little modern casings to blend into your home decor or hidden from view. Our high-capacity digital video recorders would also let you record and playback gigabytes of footage.


Home security camera technology

Most security cameras tend to come with a wide-angle view, but the domed-shaped HIKVision options that we offer, has full 360-degree coverage, plus night-vision functionality for 24-hour surveillance. One single camera would be sufficient to cover an entire area of your home.

Home security cameras for renters and homeowners

Renters now have the ability to protect their possessions and loved ones at home too! If you’re renting a property, you’ll be able to keep your possessions and loved ones safe. Our range of wired and wireless sophisticated home security systems are fully customised to suit your home life.


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Automating and monitoring your home security through your mobile

Your home is connected to the ALARM.COM service and Watchdog Alarms control room via cellular data link to ensure a fast an effective response. For the convenience of home automation and control, alarm events are sent to your mobile and to our Grade A1 control room.

Starting from only $45 per month, all associated cellular data costs included, plus a full alarm monitoring service.

Contact Watchdog Alarms to discuss your security needs. We’ll tailor a solution specifically for you. Keeping the things that matter safe is definitely important, but you’ll also want a security solution that is fit for purpose and value for money.

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