Watchdog Alarms Security Key Tags

Losing your keys will no longer be a problem!

We’ll issue you with a set of individually numbered key tags that are registered in our system with your details.

The key tag program is part of Watchdog Alarms’ value-added service to your custom security solution so lost keys can safely find their way back to you.

With Watchdog Alarms key tags, you don’t have to worry about compromising your security when you lose your keys.

Should your keys be located, there is a 24-hour support number for someone to call, as well as a reply paid service to return your keys. Keys that would have been lost forever can now find their way back home securely.

The unique number on the tag means that you remain anonymous to the public, but Watchdog Alarms can identify you and get your keys returned to you quickly.

Please simply complete the form below to register your security key tags.

Watchdog Alarms Key Tag Return

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