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Keeping your property safe from vandalism, thefts and burglaries

Store / Building / Office Security

There’s been in increasing number of break-ins and vandalisms at smaller business buildings as opportunistic criminals may think that they are not as secured and protected. There are many responsibilities in running and managing a business. Providing a safe environment for your employees, their belongings, your equipment, inventory and supplies are just some of them. So, don’t let crime be an added worry.


Basic Business Security

There are two methods to provide protection for your business, and that is with quality security technology or hire a security guard 24/7 to stand guard over the premises. The first option is probably more ideal for the size of the property.

With great technological improvements in security systems over the last decade, grainy security surveillance footage are a thing of the past. Watchdog Alarms can provide you with detailed high-definition cameras and quality alarm equipment to safeguard your company and employees.

Affordable security options for your store or office

Monitored alarm systems
If the alarm is triggered, a call center will be contacted to contact the law enforcement in the area.

Wireless alarm systems
Operates with cameras, sensors and motion detectors, these systems can also come with an alarm and flashing lights. Watchdog Alarms can tailor a security solution based on your budget and needs.


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