School Security Systems

Security measures in schools are important to protect the property and ensure a safe and secure environment for students and staff

Appropriate School Security keeps everyone safe, secure and happy

Watchdog Alarms is committed to making schools a safe and secure environment. Appropriate video surveillance can prevent undesirable bullying and vandalising of school property. It is also an additional layer of protection of the property and expensive equipment such as computers, musical instruments, supplies for science, etc.

A security system will reduce the likelihood of an undesirable activity from occurring. With signs of a vicinity marked as a surveillance area, or even just the visibility of a security camera, would prevent people from misbehaving or breaking in.


Types of security cameras

Indoor Cameras
Most security cameras tend to come with a wide-angle view, but the domed-shaped HIKVision options that we offer has full 360-degree coverage, plus night-vision functionality. One single camera would be sufficient to cover an entire area.

Outdoor Cameras
Made to withstand outdoor conditions, outdoor cameras are more durable and comes with weather-resistant enclosures with components designed to capture exterior views and accommodate day and night lighting conditions.

Adjustable Cameras
For those that require full control and coverage of their property. Adjustable cameras are fitted with motor-driven actuators and can be programmed to manoeuvre automatically for a wide-angle view, remote pan, tilt and zoom control.

Motion Detector Cameras
This camera can save you many hours of video storage space as it waits for activity before it begins recording or transmitting. Motion detector cameras also provide an additional level of protection by alerting you when it picks up curious movements.

Reasons why school security is important

Emergency and Critical Incident Management
Get priority response from law enforcement when an intruder trips the alarm system. Timely response from the police and prevent losses and ensure that the perpetrator is apprehended as soon as possible.

Round-the-clock Video Surveillance
Capture incidents and use footages as evidence in the court of law.

School Administration Responsibility
Ensuring the safety of staff and students is a part of the administration’s responsibility. Appropriate security features at the school heighten that layer of protection that’s required.


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