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Watchdog Alarms can also offer advanced features such as iPhone control, Automatic arming, as well as full open/close reporting. We offer this free to all clients. With Open / Close reporting you will get a weekly emailed report detailing who has come in and when. We would be very happy to put you in touch with some of our other clients.

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Is your current system using your phone line to send signals?

It’s widely known that thieves cut telephone lines in order to disable alarm systems. So what’s the solution? Permaconn can supply you with an affordable alarm communication system that utilises cellular 3G technology to link you to our Central Monitoring station. That means no more telephone lines. And, this is not just any ordinary radio but PERMACONN, a product of Radio Data Comms, Industry Leaders in Security Technology.

Your current alarm system is only as good as your telephone line and this makes you very vulnerable. In an emergency your message must get through and the only way to ensure this happens is with Permaconn’s wireless connection. This ensures that your alarm message is received by the Watchdog Alarms control room without the need for phone lines.

You’ll save more than your property

Don’t pay for a phone line you don’t need! All network charges are included as part of a fixed monthly fee. Alarm panels may make a phone call every time the panel is armed, disarmed, tested or when an alarm message is sent back to the Central Monitoring station. When a Permaconn signalling device is attached, all messages are sent using the 3G network, thus saving you daily telephone costs.

Australian Standards
The Permaconn system has been certified and meets class 2, 3 and 4 of AS/NZ 2201.5-2008. Insurance companies recognise the benefits of installing Permaconn and may offer genuine discounts.

For small business security, the choice is simple: Permaconn from Watchdog Alarms.


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